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01 May 2016 By Alan Dickie in Sales

Is Your Sales Team The WALKING DEAD?

24 April 2016 By Alan Dickie in Sales

Death To The Revolving Door

22 March 2016 By Alan Dickie in Sales


Alan Dickie is a dynamic sales professional who has been serving the automotive industry for over 15 years. Alan started his career as a Sales Consultant in 2000 and began to develop an acute fascination and drive for understanding and dissecting the sales process to achieve success. Alan continuously adjusted his approach and adapted to the market to guarantee results. During his career, he has successfully performed at all functions of the business, including Sales Consultant, Business Manager,Sub Prime Business Manager, and Sales Manager. His wealth of experience has enabled him to obtain a well-rounded and stunning array of sales techniques and strategies. The automotive industry is constantly changing and Alan has created the most up-to-date and innovative methods necessary to prosper in today’s market.

Alan adopts a non-confrontational, common sense approach to handling all facets of the sales process. Alan’s natural humor, charisma and logical teachings allow him to connect with any audience. In 2008, Alan created his seminar “Road To The Sale”,a workshop focused on taking new sales consultants from mediocrity to strong, capable, and prosperous sales professionals. In 2009 Alan recognized the drastic changes within the automotive industry, and created his powerful seminar “Sub Prime Solutions” a workshop catered specifically to handling the sub prime customer. Most recently in 2015 Alan updated his "Road To The Sale" seminar and created a game-changing product, his A.C.E Selling Systems: "Road To The Sale Digital" an online digital training platform that has been transforming sales people careers all across the continent.

Continuing to provide the automotive industry with solutions for increasing business, Alan has also created an Employee Development service. He supplies and trains aspiring sales professionals on the fundamentals of the sales process to fully equip them with all the tools necessary for success. By doing so he has created a vast database filled with salespeople to help address the needs of Automotive Dealers across Ontario.


SalesTeam Training

A goal properly set is halfway reached.

Employee Development

The outcome of development is change.

Proven Performers

Begin by always expecting good things to happen.

Keynote Speaking

You can’t sell it outside if you can’t sell it inside.

Experience Is Comparable to Fashion

Success Tip : The POWER of your Words!

The Best Salesperson on the Planet!



A.C.E Social Media Hacks

To be successful in the automotive sales industry you MUST have a social media presence! Amazing tools like Facebook and Youtube are absolutely FREE and when utilized effectively they can generate THOUSANDS of dollars in revenue! This course is simply a must have for anyone in the automotive sales industry.

A.C.E Selling Systems: CLOSING

This is a program where I have carefully laid out all of the information necessary for you to become a closing machine in your own career! It's really quite simple and I have laid it all out in this program.

Sales Tips, Tactics & Tecniques

If you're reading this right now it's more than likely because you're not satisfied with your income and performance levels. Many sales professionals feel this way when they have reached a plateau in their careers. Whether you are earning 50k/year or 100k/year.


  • We were spending $5,000/month on Joe Verde for both stores and $4,000/month on Alan Ram. I will tell you if you want your people to get excited, sell cars and hold gross while doing it Alan Dickie is the way to go. I can take Grant Cardone, Joe Verde and Alan Ram, put them all in one course and it would not produce half of what Alan Dickie can do for you.
    -Jason Hawkins , Sales Manager, Crestmont Automotive Group
  • His principle-based training techniques are extremely valuable and easy to follow. Whether new in the business or a 20 year veteran, Alan has something for you!
    Paul Kmet, Dealer Principal Gyro Mazda
  • Thanks to Alan Dickie and, we doubled our target in the slowest month of the year! In addition, his services sourced two young sales advisors that have developed into my two top performers month after month. Thanks again!
    Domenic Vigliatore, General Manager Scarboro Kia Ankit • Now
  • Alan has changed my life, I now wake up everyday excited to go to work and serve my clients. He has given me the tools and motivation to embark and succeed in my new career where I am delivering 14 cars per month! The man knows what he’s talking about, he’s no wannabe. I remember before meeting Alan I was miserable working in a factory and realized that I am worth more than that in this life we only get one shot at. Alan will work with someone who is hungry & willing to go all in. If this is you, there is no better person to have in your life!
    Dominic Starenczak Sales Consultant, West Toronto Hyundai
  • I wanted to thank you once again for believing in me! Thanks to your guidance and training I am now my dealerships top sales person and in my first year have made $100,000+!! Can’t wait to end this year with an even bigger bang!!
    Rita Parmar, Sales Consultant Old Mill GM
  • Alan launched my career in a major dealership. Within 2 years I was promoted to the F&I Manager and haven’t looked back! for the right individuals Alan is a game changer!
    Brad Onifrichuk, F&I Manager Pickering Honda
  • Alan’s unique hiring process is thorough, efficient & effective. I would highly recommend it!
    J.P. Kovac, Dealer Principle Gyro Hyundai
  • I had never held a sales position in my life before I met Alan. After taking part in his training & development of new sales people I joined my dealership where I proceeded to sell 25cars in my first 5 weeks! The future is looking very bright! Thanks Alan!
    Michael Cyr, Sales Consultant Stouffville Hyundai
  • Successful people delegate duties to the right people! Whether its is motivating my sales team or providing me with talented individuals to join our organization, Alan is my go to guy!”
    Rory O’Connor, General Manager Metro West Jaguar
  • I was looking for a new career that would enable me to generate more money. Although I had never sold cars before when I met Alan Dickie He told me that if I follow his A.C.E Selling System I will fulfill my dreams! I took everything he has taught me to do with Sales and now I am the Top Sales Person in my dealership! I have also doubled my income! Thanks Alan for showing me the path to Success!”
    Raj Dey, Sales Consultant Scarboro Kia


105 Consumers Dr Whitby, Ontario, L1N 1C4

Tel:(416) 735-0597
Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST



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Employee Development

Continuing to provide the automotive industry with solutions for increasing business, Alan has created an Employee Development service in which he trains aspiring sales professionals on the fundamentals of the sales process to fully equip them with all of the tools necessary for success.

To be successful in today’s market it is imperative that you have motivated sales representatives willing to generate business on their own over and above what the dealerships will provide. Alan delivers individuals that are excited about the opportunity given to them and driven to reach their goals.

Success in selling lies within an individuals Attitude, Conviction and Energy. Alan provides dealerships with those that have adopted this mantra and many have become long serving members of powerful sales teams. With over 150 new Sales Representatives in the marketplace, Alan’s cutting edge service is redefining the Automotive industry.


Proven Performers

At we are constantly looking to take sales professionals with proven track records to the next level. Alan Dickie is personally connected to the automotive dealers of Ontario allowing him the opportunity to promote the right individuals to the next stages of their respective careers.

Talented individuals looking to expose themselves to these incredible opportunities can do so through We can provide confidential insight into the hidden career market within Ontario providing access to the best dealerships & organizations in the industry.

To confidentially discuss what opportunities are available to you simply fill out your information and you will be contacted within a 24hrs time period.





Sales Training

Alan believes a sales persons Attitude, Conviction & Energy are vital to succeed in today’s market and created his innovative A.C.E. Selling System grounded in this philosophy. When performing his role as a Sales Manager he utilized and practiced his teachings with his staff and actualized the effectiveness of his process. Alan adheres to the principle that a team is only as powerful as their weakest member. It is well known that a dealerships profitability will be determined by how effectively each and every opportunity is handled.

Alan will not only equip today’s sales representative with the latest and most effective processes, he will provide them with the necessary word tracks and techniques to guarantee more sales and a higher gross average per unit.

ROAD to the SALE

Alan Dickie’s automotive sales training workshop “Road To The Sale” was created to assist all automotive sales professionals in maximizing opportunity and creating success in today’s market. The automotive industry has gone through unprecedented changes in recent times and the clients are now of a variety we have never seen before, rendering yesterdays methods unsuccessful. Alan’s proven strategies and techniques will equip today’s sales representatives with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in today’s market as well as provide them with the necessary drive and ambition to prosper.

Road To


he Salcovers all of the fundamentals of the sales process, catering to the present day customer including;The Meet & Greet

  1. Qualify & Investigate
  2. Product Selection
  3. Product Presentation
  4. Overcoming Objections
  5. The Close
  6. Follow up
  7. Lead Generation

Special Finance Solutions

Alan’s “Special Finance Solutions” workshop has proven it’s self to be one of the most effective teachings in the industry. During his career as a Special Finance Manager Alan studied the process of the Special Finance customer to identify the best way to go about capturing this niche in the market. The result was a systematic process that was incredibly easy to follow. Alan is proud to present this phenomenal seminar to any dealership looking to create this incredibly fruitful revenue stream in their organization.

Alan also offers a number of customized courses such as:

  • Lead Generation Workshop
  • Incoming Calls Workshop
  • Outbound Calls Workshop
  • Internet Lead Management Workshop
  • Internet Communication Seminar
  • Internet Closing Seminar
  • Appointment Based Selling Workshop
  • A.C.E. Refresher Workshop
  • Networking Group Workshop
  • Social Media Marketing Seminar
  • Management Relations Workshop
  • Sales Meetings
  • Closing Seminar
  • Pipe Line Management Seminar
  • Massive Action Motivation Seminar



Keynotes Speaking

Captivating, Thought Provoking, Influential, Inspiring, Innovative are just a few of the many words people have used to describe their experience listening to Alan Dickie.

A professional motivational speaker like none you have ever seen is what you are in store for at your next conference or event when Alan Dickie is present. Alan’s natural humour, charisma and logical teachings allow him to connect with any audience. Weather you are looking to ignite the flame within your sales team & organization or looking to take them to the next level Alan Dickie delivers.

Alan’s wealth of experience has enabled him to obtain a well-rounded and stunning array principals that allow him to connect and motivate any audience.

For more information on the custom speeches Alan can create and deliver to your organization simply fill our the contact form below and one of our representatives will be in touch with you.




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