Why Microsoft Certification?

For performing critical IT functions successfully one must have any of the specialized IT credentials on his resume. In this regard, Microsoft certification is one of the best credentials which help to reach your career objectives and it is also internationally well acknowledged by most of the industry professionals. A professional having a Microsoft certification is called Microsoft Certified Professional. To achieve any of the Microsoft certifications and becoming an MCP the candidate has to pass the certification exam from Microsoft. The Microsoft certification exam reveals the way Microsoft products are being used in any organization.

In today’s exigent IT world, an IT professional has to face challenges in his field and in addition, he must keep himself way ahead of others by constantly improving and developing his understanding and skills. A Microsoft certification helps IT professional to get exposure and recognized in his own field. Moreover, it enables an IT professional to work more efficiently and effectively. Microsoft certification entitles several jobs and responsibilities at the workplace. Apart from increasing skills set, Microsoft certification has many more advantages as well. This certification provides recognition of proficiency, expertise, and knowledge in the industry.

By getting MCP one can gain offers and discounts on Microsoft products and services. It also brings in requests to special events, conferences and training sessions. Thus, a Microsoft certification proves technical dominance over other professionals as well as gives a talent to successfully execute the different business solutions from Microsoft for any organization.

How to Become Microsoft Certified?

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MB2-716 Practice Test | You create a new custom entity and add it…

Question: 3

You create a new custom entity and add it to the sitemap. System administrators can see the custom entity. Users report that they cannot see the custom entity. You need to ensure that users can see the custom entity. What should you do?

A. Publish the sitemap.
B. Publish the custom entity.
C. Wait for changes to the security roles to take effect.
D. Grant appropriate security roles access to the custom entity.

Answer: A

MB2-718 Study Material | You configure an organization to use entitlements…

Question: 6

You configure an organization to use entitlements. No customization has been applied. You need to associate an entitlement with a case record. Which option is displayed in the entitlement lookup field on the case record?

A. only active entitlements associated with the case customer
B. all active entitlements associated with the customer and contact
C. only active entitlements associated with the case contact
D. all entitlements associated with the customer and contact

Answer: B

MB2-706 | Which three operating systems are supported by…

Question: 7

Which three operating systems are supported by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Outlook? Each response represents a complete solution.

A. Windows Server 2008 R2
B. Windows 7 Service Pack 1
C. Windows 8
D. Windows Vista SP2
E. Windows Server 2012

Answer: B, C, E

70-535 Exam Dumps | You need to recommend a test strategy…

Question: 1

You need to recommend a test strategy for the disaster recovery system.
What should you do? To answer, drag the appropriate test strategy to the correct business application. Each test strategy may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.

70-535 dumps


70-535 exam dumps


70-535 study material

  • Distribution tracking
    The company wants to ensure that the distribution tracking data is stored at a location that is geographically close to the customers who will be using the information.
  • / HRApp
    The data must remain on-premises and cannot be stored in the cloud.
  • / Metrics application
    Data is stored on an on-premises SQL Server database, but this data should be moved to the cloud.

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MB2-707 Dumps | You add a Roll up field to the Microsoft…

Question: 9

You add a Roll up field to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Account entity to calculate the sum of related Opportunity Estimated Revenue. How frequently will Dynamics CRM automatically recalculate the Rollup field?

A. Once every 12 hours
B. Once every four hours
C. Once a day
D. Once an hour

Answer: D

MB2-706 | Which object is required to use a forward…

Question: 6

Which object is required to use a forward mailbox with the E-mail Router?

A. an outgoing email profile
B. an email server profile
C. a forwarding rule
D. a queue in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Answer: B

MB6-890 | Which statement accurately describes a model…

Question: 5

Which statement accurately describes a model in Dynamic AX?

A. A model can be used to group other models.
B. A model can group elements at multiple layers.
C. A model can group elements only at a specific layer.
D. An element that exists only in one layer can be in multiple models in the same layer.

Answer: C

62-193 | You want to motivate the school to invest in…

Question: 6

You want to motivate the school to invest in ICT resources. The reason must be based on the ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT-CFT). Which argument should you use?
This item is part of a case study. To view the case study information, click on the Case Study button below.

A. to become the best equipped school in your region.
B. to improve local economic conditions.
C. to give the students in your school access to a range of resources and learning experiences.
D. to meet the expectations of the students and the parents.

Answer: C

70-761 | You create a stored procedure that will update…

Question: 6

You create a stored procedure that will update multiple tables within a transaction. You need to ensure that if the stored procedure raises a run-time error, the entire transaction is terminated and rolled back. Which Transact-SQL statement should you include at the beginning of the stored procedure?


Answer: A

70-767 | You are troubleshooting an existing SQL…

Question: 2

You are troubleshooting an existing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package. On several occasions, the package execution does not finish and no data seems to have been transferred. You need to ensure that package logging occurs. Your solution must minimize deployment and development efforts. What should you do?

A. Add an OnError event handler to the SSIS project.
B. Use an msi file to deploy the package on the server.
C. Open a command prompt and run the gacutil command.
D. Open a command prompt and run the dtutil /copy command.
E. Open a command prompt and run the dtexec /rep /conn command.
F. Open a command prompt and run the dtexec /dumperror /conn command.
G. Run the package by using the dtexecui.exe utility and the SQL Log provider.
H. Create a reusable custom logging component and use it in the SSIS project.
I. Configure the SSIS solution to use the Project Deployment Model.
J. Configure the output of a component in the package data flow to use a data tap.
K. Run the dtutil command to deploy the package to the SSIS catalog and store the configuration in SQL Server.

Answer: A

62-193 | You are a teacher at a secondary school…

Question: 5

You are a teacher at a secondary school. You work closely with the school administration.
A group of parents questions the large sum of money that the school invests in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources.
You are requested to prepare a response on behalf of the school.
On which argument will you base your response?

A. Modern economies increasingly require a workforce that has good typing skills, so the school must try to incorporate computers into all its activities.
B. Modern economies are increasingly based on knowledge and information, so students must learn the skills required to handle information.
C. The business sector in modern economies increasingly expects schools to produce students who are qualified in financial knowledge.
D. Modern economies increasingly depend on the growth of the computer manufacturing industry, an economic sector that schools must support.

Answer: B

MB2-708 | You install Dynamics CRM 2015 on a server…

Question: 7

You install Dynamics CRM 2015 on a server on the internal network.
You need to provide several users with the ability to use Dynamics CRM client applications to
connect to Dynamics CRM from the Internet
Which server role should you add to the deployment?

A. Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services
B. Web Server (US) – this is for Internet Facing Website user role
C. Remote Access
D. Active Directory Federation Services

Answer: B

MB6-705 | Which two techniques can you use to move an…

Question: 6

Which two techniques can you use to move an entire model? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Use the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Management Shell cmdlets to import and export.
B. Use the standard Windows features to copy the application object (AOD) files.
C. Use the AxUtil.exe to import and export.
D. Use the Import and Export tool in the Development Workspace to move an XPO file

Answer: A, C

70-462 | You are the lead database administrator…

Question: 22

You are the lead database administrator (DBA) of a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 environment.
All DBAs are members of the DOMAIN\JrDBAs Active Directory group. You grant DOMAIN\JrDBAs access to the SQL Server.
You need to create a server role named SpecialDBARole that can perform the following functions:
View all databases.
View the server state.
Assign GRANT, DENY, and REVOKE permissions on logins.
You need to add DOMAIN\JrDBAs to the server role. You also need to provide the least level of privileges necessary.
Which SQL statement or statements should you use? Choose all that apply.


Answer: B, C, F