22 Apr

Be Afraid

Folks, today I’m here to tell you one thing. I’m here to tell you to be afraid. And ironically, what I’m here to tell you to be afraid of
08 Apr

I’m Sorry

Before I start this blog post, I want to apologize.  I really hope you’re all paying attention, because this is important to me. This is something that’s very near and
25 Mar


Here’s a fact: 95% of you might as well scroll past this post. You read that right. 95% of you can close this tab and go on about your day,
26 Nov

The Elephant in Every Room

Rejection.  You see, when you’re on your way to creating these incredible six figure incomes in your businesses, selling careers, etc., something that’s going to be inevitable is rejection. I’ve
19 Oct

I Give Up.

Ups and downs, folks. That is the nature of the game. In the life of someone trying to create massive success, there are peaks and valleys. And while if you
11 Oct

The Approach

I was at a dealership recently with a young sales representative who had been in the business for a while. This gentleman is always energetic, always thrilled to be at
04 Oct

Everybody’s Busy

Whether you’re developing your career, launching your business, or just trying to grind through some hours at your desk, we all have so much work to do. It really seems
23 Sep


Today, I want to talk to you about judgement. Specifically, just how much being judgemental can damage your career. It’s truly disheartening how often I run into otherwise amazing sales
28 Aug

The Company You Keep

Among sales representatives and entrepreneurs, I hear two things almost every single day. The first is a question: “Al, how do I stay motivated and inspired?” And the second is
07 Aug

Patience Is A Virtue.

We’ve all heard this before, and that always sounds good coming from the lips of somebody who doesn’t understand what we’re impatient about. But, as much as human beings hate
21 Jul


That’s right, folks! Today we’re talking about investment. Now, I know a lot of you are probably thinking, “Okay, Al, slow down there. What qualifies you to give investment advice?”
12 Jun


I have a key for you all today, and while it’s a tricky one to find, the doors it unlocks are well worth it. Ready? The number one key to
02 Jun


Faith is one of my favourite words. I remember hearing it best described as follows: “Faith steps on seeming void, and finds the rock beneath.” Chew on that for a
15 Apr


Control is a word I heard constantly during my automotive sales career. “Alan, you need to have control of your customer.”  “You need to control the process.” “You need to
12 Mar


Whether you’re a sales representative, a business owner, or an entrepreneur, there is one thing you must understand: You are in the attention business. That’s right, folks! We, as people
02 Feb


You know it’s funny I’m sitting writing this post, it’s the top of the morning where I am, and I’ve just finished coming back from a walk. I’m an early
05 Jan


I’ve got a budget. Who doesn’t, right? But more than knowing where my money goes, I’m talking about the budgeting of time. I was in a dealership last week, doing
04 Mar

Stand Out!

In today’s automotive market it is imperative that you stand out from your “competition.” Far too often this is overlooked due to the belief that all the customer cares about